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Alex Gierbolini- 6 Things Every Woman Should Know About Her Sweat, According to a Dermatologist

While sweating is normal, it can be embarrassing or even uncomfortable. If you’re not using antiperspirant you may not be using the most effective product for your body says Alex Gierbolini. Here are 6 Things Every Woman Should Know About Her Sweat, According to a Dermatologist: Sweating is healthy, but excessive sweat in certain areas is sometimes a symptom of an underlying issue, so if you feel like you sweat excessively in certain areas or experiences other symptoms, seek medical attention. Our bodies are amazing machines and they will try to cool us off when needed by increasing perspiration. However, too much perspiration in particular areas could indicate that something else might be wrong with our health (for instance hyperhidrosis). Sweaty palms and sweaty feet are often the result of anxiety or stress; however, for some people this problem can be more complicated. Antiperspirants are very effective at decreasing the amount of sweat our bodies produce. If you’re trying to stop perspiring in one area, look for an antiperspirant that is designed for just this purpose. There are a variety of aluminum chloride and clinical strength antiperspirants available on the market today made specifically to stop underarm sweating. Products with 20 percent aluminum chloride or higher do a better job inhibiting sweat gland activity than those with less, but they tend to have a stronger… Read More »Alex Gierbolini- 6 Things Every Woman Should Know About Her Sweat, According to a Dermatologist

Alex Gierbolini- 5 Workout Myths You Should Know About

There are many workout myths out there. Some of these workout myths make us go crazy with confusion over what is right and what is wrong explains Alex Gierbolini. We all want to be on the cutting edge of fitness knowledge but are faced with uncertainly when it comes to fitness instruction. This article will unravel some of this uncertainty for you. 1) You can’t work out a muscle more than three times per week if you want it to grow This statement first had its origin in research done on animals but has a difficult impact on human exercise physiology as well. This myth was first debunked by Dr. Stu Calvert in the early 1990s at RMIT University. He had his subjects perform an elbow flexion exercise to the point of momentary muscular failure once every 72 hours. At first, Dr. Stu Calvert thought he would find no muscle growth yet after the study was complete there was a 27% increase in biopsied arm mass. Alex Gierbolini says the reason for this is that resistance training increases protein synthesis which creates an environment where your body will adapt and grow lean tissue (muscle). Lactic acid is not responsible for delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) This myth originated because lactic acid has always been readily accessible as it is used by almost all cells of… Read More »Alex Gierbolini- 5 Workout Myths You Should Know About

Alex Gierbolini- 5 Gifts That Will Keep Anyone Healthy and Active All Year Round!

Getting sick during the holidays sucks. Not only do you have to deal with being ill, but it also spoils all the holiday festivities says Alex Gierbolini. Don’t let that happen this year! These 5 gift ideas will keep your loved ones healthy and active all year long, so they’ll never get a chance to catch a cold or flu again. 1) Apple Watch Series 4 This is Apple’s newest fitness tracking device. With so many health features packed into one sleek watch, it runs rings around any other smartwatch on the market today. It’s available for between $400-$500 depending on your version of choice (they start at an entry-level price point of $399). Here are some examples of what it can do. Monitor heart rate, including how fast your heart is beating when resting or while you are active. This can be an indication of whether you have any health problems that need to be addressed. Track how many steps you take each day. If you are not hitting the daily goal your watch sets for you, it will encourage you to get up and walk around during the day (something most people don’t do). A lack of daily movement is one of the major contributors to obesity in today’s world. So by encouraging more movement in your life, this watch may help lead… Read More »Alex Gierbolini- 5 Gifts That Will Keep Anyone Healthy and Active All Year Round!

Alex Gierbolini- 5 Foods You Should Never Order at a Restaurant

I can tell when I’m getting ripped off at a restaurant because the serving size looks too small compared to the price per ounce or cup or whatever unit of measurement they use says Alex Gierbolini. You can also be pretty sure you’re being overcharged for dinner if the menu lists an item’s price in a currency other than US dollars. But how can you tell if a restaurant is trying to scam you by selling you food that’s gone bad? There are several foods that restaurants just should not have on their menus because it’s likely that the items haven’t been prepared correctly and may pose health risks to anyone who eats them. Some of these foods may already be banned from certain eateries while others remain popular despite their dangers. Check out below to see some of the most common foods you should stay away from when eating at a restaurant or ordering takeout. 1. Fish Tacos Imagine this: You’re simply craving some fish tacos, so you head down to whatever’s closest and get yourself a plateful. You sit down, heart racing with excitement, and dive in… only to find that every bite tastes less like fish and more like toilet paper. In fact, there isn’t even any fish in your taco — it’s absolutely absent. Instead of being filled with the hearty… Read More »Alex Gierbolini- 5 Foods You Should Never Order at a Restaurant

Alex Gierbolini: 4 Signs Your Workout Is Actually Making You Weaker

When it comes to building muscle and burning fat, there are no shortcuts. Why? Because if you want to get stronger, faster, leaner—or just look better naked—you’ve got to put in the work says Alex Gierbolini. But since nobody has endless time (believe me; I know), it’s helpful when workout programs at least make us feel like we’re getting somewhere. Today I’d like to talk about some of the more disheartening scenarios too many folks deal with at one point or another during their training: 1. You’re not seeing any progress at all, despite consistent effort and intensity. 2. Your neck is sore (or worse), and you can’t figure out why. 3. You feel like crap after your workouts, yet you keep showing up day-in and day-out with the same lackluster results to show for it. 4. You start a new workout plan, but you’re not sure if what you’re doing is actually making a difference in how you look/feel/perform—and even though it seems like the right program for your goals, something just feels…off. With that said, here are four signs that may indicate your workout regimen is actually making you weaker! 1) The scale isn’t budging. If you’ve been exercising consistently and working hard, but your weight is stuck…you might be eating too much! It’s true: When we begin a new exercise program, we… Read More »Alex Gierbolini: 4 Signs Your Workout Is Actually Making You Weaker

Alex Gierbolini- 4 Signs You Need New Running Shoes ASAP

In this article, you will learn the 4 Signs of impending shoe death and what you can do about it. Many runners have a specific pair of shoes that they run in exclusively, if not for months at a time explains Alex Gierbolini. There are two main reasons for running long distances with the same set of kicks: comfort and injury prevention which leads to improved performance. When it comes to finding your perfect fit, there is no greater feeling than developing an exclusive bond with a matching shoe-and-runner combo paired as one. But all too often, we forget to keep tabs on our running essentials so it’s important to be aware of some signs that your favorite pair may need some extra TLC or replacement soon before those miles add up more quickly than you’d like. Sign #1: You’ve had them for more than 300-500 miles. A decent indicator that it’s time to buy a new pair of running shoes is if you start noting wear and tear on the soles, fraying along the seams or tears in the mesh upper. If these signs appear before 500 miles, it may be high time to invest in a fresh set since this will not only ensure safety while out on your route but can also lead to improved performance and speed thanks to added support… Read More »Alex Gierbolini- 4 Signs You Need New Running Shoes ASAP

Alex Gierbolini: 3 Ways Your Loved One Can Support You This Month

Here are 3 Ways Your Loved One Can Support You This Month by Alex Gierbolini 1. Show up 2. Say “I’m proud of you” using a calm tone and normal facial expression, even if they’re not sure what is going on with your situation 3. Be there for you without asking for anything in return (like food or money) Now that it’s officially April, many people are breathing a collective sigh of relief because it means the end of winter, warmer weather (hopefully!), and spring break! If you’re lucky enough to be getting some time off this month, take advantage of it by giving yourself permission to do something nice for yourself. There will always be another deadline or stretch goal that needs attention next week or next month; give you permission to relax now. Spend time with friends, reconnect with yourself, and explore something new. Take care of yourself! By doing this, you’re taking the first step towards loving yourself just as much as others love you. Whether it’s your partner, friend, or family member that struggles with mental health issues, the support of loved ones can be crucial to their healing process explains Alex Gierbolini. It’s important that those close to people with mental illness know how they can best support them so I’ve put together three tips for anyone who wants to… Read More »Alex Gierbolini: 3 Ways Your Loved One Can Support You This Month

Alex Gierbolini

Alex Gierbolini Completed a Body Transformation Challenge, OCB on July 2021

Alex Gierbolini did a Body Transformation Challenge from Body Builders Professional Organization, OCB on July 2021 Alex Gierbolini is ranked among the top Natural Body Building Athletes in America and he also holds the title of Mr. OCB (USA) 2020, which is one of the most recognised titles in American natural body-building. [Alex Gierbolini] was [ranked] [is] an accomplished athlete and trainer at his early age. Alex believes that to get the body one has always dreamt of, one needs to train their mind first and for this Alex had started practicing meditation from a very early age. Alex is also a Health Coach having more than 12+ years of experience in personal training and about 4+ years of experience in group fitness coaching. Alex did a Body Transformation Challenge with us in the month of July 2021. Alex can be contacted at email A person who love to run after every race, rebound again Body transformation challenge was set up when Alex Gierbolini joined us at Merrill Lynch in 2012 under his current position as a Vice President in Wealth Management where Alex is responsible for providing an integrated solution for managing bounty the board which comprises of concentrated examination of the client’s unique needs and assets. Alex is also well known for his philanthropic activities and pro bono assistance to the underprivileged in… Read More »Alex Gierbolini Completed a Body Transformation Challenge, OCB on July 2021