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Alex Gierbolini: 7 Tips for Maintaining Your Workout Motivation

Working out takes time, dedication, and effort–three things that are not always easy to come by when you’re busy with school or work and everyday life! It’s particularly challenging to keep up with your routine when motivation is low and it feels like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get all of the major things done says Alex Gierbolini.

Don’t let these hurdles stop you from getting the body that you want or continuing to be healthy! Here are 7 easy steps that help me stay motivated and committed to working out:

1. Do What You Love

It may seem like common sense, but I cannot stress enough how important it is to find activities that truly inspire you. While taking up a workout routine can be challenging, what’s harder is sticking with something for months, years, even decades if not intrinsically motivated. Even though I was active throughout my childhood and teenage years, after college began it became difficult to motivate myself to go running for an hour or to do strength training at home. It wasn’t until I started teaching yoga classes that I realized how much joy working out could bring me. Yoga is my favorite form of exercise and allows me to express myself in a way that I never expected. Plus, it makes me feel incredibly empowered and strong!

2. Set Goals

Setting tangible goals for yourself–that are achievable–is an amazing way to stay motivated in the long term and throughout all stages in your fitness journey. My goal when I began working out was to be able to do at least one (and ideally two) standing head-to-knee poses in yoga class; standing head-to-knee pose is where you sit on your mat, extend one leg parallel to the ground, place the sole of the other foot alongside your inner thigh, and lean forward until your head reaches the ground says Alex Gierbolini. I have always admired people who could do this pose effortlessly, so I knew that working towards being able to do it on my own would be both fun and rewarding.

3. Find a Workout Partner

Not only is having someone to hold you accountable for your workouts incredibly motivating, but it can also make exercise more fun! Whether you get together with friends or family members every morning before work or school or sign up for classes at studios in your area, setting standards for yourself–and having others to meet them with you–makes exercising more enjoyable. Working out with someone else also motivates you not to give up because no one wants to let their partner(s) down after putting in all of that effort.

4. Change It Up

As much as I love working out, if done consistently, it can get stale very quickly. Switching up the type of activity you do is a wonderful way to keep things fresh! Whether that means getting involved with an entirely new sport or trying something you’ve always wanted to try like surfing or kickboxing, setting (and achieving) new goals will take your mind off of whatever got you unmotivated in the first place and reinvigorate your excitement about exercise says Alex Gierbolini. Maybe even invest in some new workout clothes so you feel good while breaking out of your usual routine.

5. Take a Break

Life gets tough. Family emergencies arise and sometimes we simply cannot find the will to work out. There is nothing wrong with taking a break from time to time! If you feel like exercising is becoming more of a chore than something that makes you happy, take some time off and do what feels right for you at the moment.

6. Listen to Your Body

I know these sounds obvious, but its important not only to put in place but also to practice listening to your body–especially when you are feeling burned out or unmotivated because of negative self-talk. While working out may seem easy when you are excited about it, remember that not every workout will be great!! Maybe the weather isn’t cooperating with your outdoor workout plans or maybe you’re having a particularly tough day. Don’t feel bad if you take the day off; sometimes that’s exactly what your body needs! Listen to your internal dialogue and also look for cues in how your body feels when making decisions about exercise.

7. Reward Yourself

The hardest part about sticking with a workout regimen is getting started, so once you have been going strong for a while, be sure to treat yourself! Get a massage after a month of exercising consistently, plan a trip somewhere warm after six months, or buy yourself something new to wear to the gym after a year of working out just because!!! Rewarding yourself not only makes it easier to push through challenges along the way but also helps to keep exercise from feeling like a chore.


Life is busy. Sometimes things come up or, even though you know better, you simply cannot find the time to work out explains Alex Gierbolini. This does not mean that you should give up because ultimately nothing will give you more happiness than being healthy and fit! Remember, exercise is a positive experience every single time it is done–regardless of whether your body feels like cooperating or not!! You are capable of doing anything that you put your mind to. If at first you don’t succeed, try again–and again if necessary!–because sometimes getting back on track takes even more perseverance than staying committed in the first place. Take care of yourself today and remember that no matter what happens, YOU got this!!!