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Alex Gierbolini- Is It Possible To Be 100% Steroid Free?

Is it really possible to be 100% steroid free? Is there any professional bodybuilder who doesn’t use anabolic steroids today? It’s obvious for many people that this sport has become uninteresting because almost all professional bodybuilders are using drugs says Alex Gierbolini. However, this is just part of the truth. Of course, some athletes might be guilty but most of them are clean. Do you think that Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lee Priest or Ronnie Coleman was using illegal substances when they started training? The same applies to other champions. They had the talent and worked very hard in the gym but they didn’t take anything at first. Only after sometime, when their muscles didn’t grow anymore, they decided to make use of the chemical factors which help build muscle mass. This is 100% natural.

What’s more, the intake of anabolic steroids helps to avoid injuries too. Do you think that Lee Priest was always healthy when he was building his unbelievable biceps? No way! He suffered a lot but thanks to his good genetics, he managed to build great muscles despite the injuries. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s necessary for everybody else with less perfect genetics to take something in order to improve their physique. Of course not! The use of illegal substances can be fatal especially when used by beginners who don’t have any experience with them. Without proper knowledge and information, they are risking their lives because problems may occur very easily or even serious health issues might appear after several years of using these drugs.

It’s better to avoid them until you are 100% sure what you are doing.

Do You Need Steroids To Be Successful?

It comes as no surprise that some athletes resort to anabolic steroids in order to improve their performance and get more successful. But this doesn’t mean that everybody is like this because the use of these drugs is not necessary at all! There are many outstanding athletes who succeeded without taking anything. What they did was obviously very smart because they built great bodies thanks to hard training, a good diet and genetic factors. In other words, everything which helps build muscle mass was natural in their case so they didn’t have any health problems later on when they were older men. If you want to be one of them, you have to be very careful and patient says Alex Gierbolini. If you rush things, you can get into serious problems. This is why it’s important to read a lot about these factors before making a decision.

Is There Any Way To Enhance Muscle Mass Naturally?

If you want to enhance your muscle mass naturally and avoid anabolic steroids, there are some tips for you:

 Hard training; A good diet; Enough rest; Genetic factors; Avoiding injuries.

Hard training is absolutely necessary if you want to succeed in this sport because muscles don’t grow without effort. However, the real problem is that nobody wants hard enough because it requires strength and sacrifices which can’t be made by everyone. Many athletes aren’t able to handle the pain and effort which is why they prefer to take something in order to get more results. A good diet is necessary because it provides enough energy and nutrients needed by the body.

If you don’t eat well, progress will be slow and naturally, you won’t get the expected result. This means that you have to put a lot of effort into your meal plans if you want real success. Genetics matter a lot when building muscle mass so if you were born with less than perfect genetics, things aren’t going to work without anabolic steroids or other chemical factors which help build muscle mass explains Alex Gierbolini. Without these substances, many athletes won’t succeed no matter how hard they train,

If we add injuries, we can say that training isn’t so complicated when you have a good diet and genetics. It’s going to be more complicated if your body isn’t in perfect shape because there is a chance for you to get injured during the training process. This means that you have to avoid using certain methods which are very dangerous for your health.


In conclusion, it’s obvious that anabolic steroids can help build muscle mass but they aren’t necessary from the beginning says Alex Gierbolini. Take things slowly and try avoiding injuries by doing less intense workouts at the start of your career as a bodybuilder., during several months, you can increase the number of sets and reps so you push yourself harder with time., this will show results too so don’t rush anything!